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We present you the biggest AI Fest in Kerala in association with IEDC CoET, AI Expo 2019 which will be held on 22nd and 23rd of March 2019.


What is AI fest 2.0

AI is something that is going to revolutionise our near future. Well, it has already begun. AI does need all the support for increasing the rate of its growth. There are a lot of AI developers and wannabe developers around us. All of them require a chance to show their potential to the whole world.

This is the main concept of the AI Fest. It will involve the great thinkers in artificial intelligence, technology and economy, as well as all the tech enthusiasts who are thrilled with the term AI itself.

AI fest builds a platform for AI enthusiasts to showcase their project in front of industrial experts . So they get the opportunity to mingle and share their ideas with the experts from Google, Microsoft and Intel software innovators and well experienced experts from different parts of Kerala in this domain. This will be a very good opportunity to develop your knowledge on AI and to exhibit your talents. AI Fest at College of Engineering Thalassery would be an exciting and inspiring program which includes a lot of stirring events, mind-blowing projects and tons of enjoyment. If you are someone who has done researches on automotive technologies, AI, or ML, then this is the right place and the right time for you to join us. Support and help are provided and are open to everyone.

This International event will provide you a marvellous opportunity to connect, develop, overcome, benefit, flourish and conquer your dreams and your goals.

AI Fest 2.0 is officially backed by Kerala Startup Mission, Full Contact and IndiaMLCC.

Our Guests

Contact Person Ajinkya Kolhi,
Contact Person Siddhant Agarwal,
Contact Person Kedar Nath Narahari,
Contact Person Shubhi Sareen,
Contact Person Umang Sharma,
Contact Person Enfa Rose George,
Contact Person Faris Rahman,
Contact Person Moosa Mehar,
Contact Person Gopikrishnan S,
Contact Person Praveen Sridhar,



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